Sagebrush Gold, well known in Nevada for its Redrock and North Battle Mountain (some 5,740 acres total) gold projects, was excited to report today that the Company has acquired exploration leases in nearby North Battle Mountain and Red Rock Canyon which feature an excellent Carlin-type mineralization.

SAGE is intent on an aggressive exploration program for the new leases, having obtained the extant geological mapping data, as well as geochemical rock/soil data, detailed gravity data and a very good resolution aeromagnetic on both of the properties. In addition the drill logs, assays and chip samples, as well as core samples for Red Rock offer a robust profile of the new leases and SAGE cannot wait to commence a more rigorous analysis through comprehensive exploration efforts.

President of SAGE, David Rector, underscored the prolific history of the region and noted that the Carlin-type mineralization has been the basis of some of Northern Nevada’s biggest gold projects. Citing the obtained data, Rector acknowledged SAGE Chief Geologist, Art Leger, and his rock-solid exploration team, confident that the tremendous potential of the new leases indicated by extant data would be seized upon mightily.

Rector tipped his hand as well, declaring that SAGE plans to continue grabbing prime NV acreage, as part of the Company’s overall strategic goal of cultivating a rich regional portfolio of significant gold exploration and development targets.

Red Rock consists of 269 contiguous unpatented claims over 6 square miles and is right on the intersection of three major gold trends:

Battle Mountain Eureka (50M known oz)
Rabbit Creek (40M)
Caetano Caldera (major crustal break helped to localize some 30M+ oz Au)

Red Rock shows three primary targets over a four mile area. Geochemical, rock and soil analysis compared with the geological profile has led to a concerted view that one or more major gold deposits exist. Surface sampling data indicates 0.38 opt Au (13.03 g/T) and the drilling of some shallow holes on adjoining property has evidenced the potential.

North Battle Mountain consists of 36 contiguous unpatented claims on 1 square mile and is in a prime location along the Northern Nevada Rift (8M known oz). Rock sampling analysis has shown values ranging up to 407 ppb Au (0.40 g/T) with significant trace elements, including abundant zinc, antimony and arsenic, a clear indicator of nearby Carlin-type mineralization (also included were silver, mercury, lead, tungsten and molybdenite targets).