The Saint James Company is a young corporation that is on the rise. Located in Santa Monica, California, Saint James has made a name for itself by specializing in the acquisition and distribution of New World wines.

Today it was announced that Saint James has retained CCG Investor Relations to design and execute its strategic investor relations program. The union of Saint James and CCG may be a profitable one that could lead the young company well into the 21st century and guide them on their path of becoming a dominant market force.

When asked about being retained by The Saint James Company, Crocker Coulson, who serves as the President of CCG, was quoted as saying, “We are excited to be working with a solid management team that possesses a compelling growth plan. Saint James has successfully built a first-rate management team with industry veterans who have the determination and experience necessary to grow the Company by strategically acquiring assets and leveraging its distribution and operational scale.”

In November of this year, Saint James acquired Sapphire Wines LLC, owner of Eos Estate Winery which has been producing high quality wines for over 20 years. Saint James has also acquired other unique brands which have given the company a balanced portfolio and international distribution capabilities.

With a well-balanced portfolio in place, another key aspect of Saint James which separates them from their competitors is their seasoned management team. The leader of that team is their CEO Richard Hurst. Hurst has more than 3 decades in the wine and spirits industry and is a noted name in his field.

When asked about the future of Saint James and the retention of CCG, Mr. Hurst was quoted as saying, “CCG’s expertise and comprehensive relationships on Wall Street and in the media will allow us to effectively engage the investor and media communities, as we seek to rapidly grow the business.”

Currently, The Saint James Company is trading in the $2.20 range and has soared from its 52-week low of $0.25. With the retention of CCG, a proven business plan, a balanced portfolio and distinguished leadership, The Saint James Company could quickly become a leader in their field.

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