The madness has begun in the chilling WGN America series “Salem.” And according to the synopsis for episode 2, things will get even crazier when “The Stone Child” airs Sunday.

In the coming episode, Alden will seek the truth of what is really going on in the once-quiet town of Salem, Mass., as fear of witches starts wreaking havoc.

For those who don’t know, John Alden (Shane West) is the former lover of Salem’s most powerful witch, Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery), who has been presumed dead due to the war.

See, before Mary received her powers, the brown-haired beauty was just another typical townsperson of the Puritan village. You know, despite her pregnancy.

Because Mary’s lover — and baby daddy — was out of the picture, she faced scorn from the people of Salem for being unwed and with child. The Puritans were hell-bent on humiliating Mary by shackling her in a stock and branding her forehead in front of the townspeople.

But instead, Mary found a way to dodge her painful fate by striking a deal with the Devil. Mary sold her soul, which caused her to become the dark monster that everyone is now in fear of. Her goal is to cause chaos in the small town by igniting the notion of witches, thus leaving the Puritans to kill each other off one by one and allowing the spell-casters to rule the town.

However, her plan is put on hold when her former lover returns home in episode 2. In the promo for "The Stone Child" we hear Mary warn Alden to leave Salem, but he insists he’ll go only if she leaves with him.

“You don’t belong here,” she says.

“Neither do you,” he replies.

Alden still doesn’t know that the love of his life has been transformed into a witch. But we’re sure he’ll find out — at least, that’s what some townspeople are threatening. But we shouldn’t worry about them spilling Mary’s beans. Especially when she has black magic on her side.

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