WGN America series “Salem” finally returned with its Season 3 premiere after a seemingly long hiatus. Episode 1 set up the plot for the rest of the season and answered some burning questions we had after watching the show last year.

Here is what happened in “After The Fall”:

The Devil Is A Liar

The Essex witches are a powerful bunch of people but they certainly can be a bit dim sometimes. Of course the devil (Oliver Bell) wasn’t going to fulfill his promise of giving them lands. Lucifer visited the Essex stronghold in the forest and made it clear to everyone that he isn’t the least bit interested in rewarding them for resurrecting him on Earth. Instead, he killed one of their witches as an example to the others for speaking their mind. They can’t do anything to him since there is no one alive to kill him. Yet.

Tituba Sees The Future

Tituba (Ashely Madekwe) is alive! However, the pack of vicious crows that pecked on her devoured her eyes. The former servant of witch Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) was seen scrambling in the wood in the Season 3 premiere of “Salem.”

Fortunately, Tituba imbued new powers in episode 1. Remember how she ate seer Petrus’ eyes last season? Well, when she did that, she also took his powers. She can now see the future. Unfortunately, the future is full of death and destruction. If the devil continues to rule Earth, everyone will die.

There is only one person who can stop the fallen angel – his mother Mary. So Tituba does the only thing she can – She takes Mary’s corpse to the Essex witches and reasons with them to resurrect her. She is the only one who can stop him.

Salem The devil made it clear that no one can stop him in “Salem” Season 3, episode 1. Photo: WGN America

Poor Cotton Mather

Elsewhere, it becomes abundantly clear that Cotton (Seth Gabel) is still enslaved by his bride Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant). Brown Jenkins still resides inside the priest. Which means he can’t say or do anything.

It’s a good thing Anne still loves Cotton. She discovers that her husband is suicidal and would rather die than be enslaved. Left with little choice, she decides to let him have some freedom. She allows him to speak and roam freely. They even have sex.

However, after a session of lovemaking, Anne sleeps. Cotton sees this as an opportunity to escape his wretched wife. Unfortunately, when he reaches the door of his house, Brown Jenkins devours his innards. Anne wakes up and tells him that she was testing him. If he ever does anything that Anne doesn’t like, he will eat him up from the inside. Yikes!

John Alden Gets Arrested

Meanwhile, Alden (Shane West) is trying to escape Salem through the woods after burying Mary. He comes across Native Americans killing and looting a small settlement of Americans. Alden can’t help himself but become involved. He tries to kill the Indians but they, shockingly, can’t be killed. His shots barely stop them

When a couple of soldiers arrive from Salem to the scene, these Indians flee. These soldiers recognize Alden and cuff him. After all, he is a wanted man.

Magistrate Hawthorne (Jeremy Crutchley) orders him to be hanged in public. But the town does not agree with his decision. With the Indians, French and witches threatening to kill them and sending hordes of refugees their way, they are scared and need protection.

Hawthorne makes John the leader of Salem’s militia. He will train the soldiers so that they protect the town from outside threats. 

Mercy Runs A Brothel

We learn by watching “Salem” Season 3, episode 1 that powerful witch Mercy Lewis (Elise Eberle) is now running a brothel. She helps young girls get free from their uncles, fathers and brothers who sell their body for sex and keep the earnings.

Mercy also puts these young girls – or her lost birds – in the flesh trade. The only difference between her and the girls’ relatives are that she lets them keep all of their earnings, have a warm bed to sleep in and food to eat. All she wants is their blood.

The Devil’s Ally

The “Salem” Season 3 premiere also saw a skeleton emerge from the Earth filled with insects. He kills a man and takes his flesh. We learn that this man is an ally of the devil’s and is here to guard him.

Mary Is Resurrected

“Salem” Season 3, episode 1 ended with Mary finally opening her eyes. She’s back!

“Salem” Season 3 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on WGN America.