Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) may be without her powers in “Salem” Season 3, episode 4, but she certainly isn’t without confidence, sass and charisma. The powerful witch lost all her powers in episode 3 when her son (Oliver Bell), the devil, broke their contract and took all her elemental powers.

What happened in the WGN America series this week? Here are the highlights of “Night’s Black Agents”:

Cotton Heads To Boston … And Encounters Witches

Episode 4 picks up right where “Salem” left off two weeks ago with the great revered Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel) running off to Boston. Even when his wife and witch Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant) uses all her powers to persuade her husband to come back to Salem, he proceeds to his destination.

Alone, scrambling in the woods and smeared in blood and human feces, Cotton stumbles upon two acquaintances. They are a puritan couple that religiously heard all of his father, Increase Mather’s (bless his soul!) sermons. Cotton hitches a ride with them to Boston but before they can ride off, the wife puts him to sleep. They are witches!

The devil ordered all the witches from Salem to Boston to catch Mather and bring him home. This puritan couple are known as Night’s Black Agents (the same as the episode’s title).

The puritan couple provide some much needed dark humor in “Salem” Season 3. They tie up Cotton and the wife attempts to make a meat pie out of his flesh to serve the dark lord. Yikes. Even their familiar, a cute dog that turns out to be not-so-cute, pees all over the priest. It looks like the end of the great reverend.

Fortunately, when the couple are busy bickering, Cotton manages to untie his bonds and plunge a knife into the husband. He even throws the dog in the fire.

Mary Deals With The Side Effects Of Losing Her Powers

Back in Salem, Mary is reeling from the loss of her powers. Much like how addicts suffer when they are off drugs, Mary is suffering from tremors, cold sweats and hallucinations. Her past crimes come to haunt her. All the souls she burned by calling them witches and the ones that died from a plague she unleashed on earth are torturing her.

The Sentinel (Samuel Roukin) takes advantage of Mary’s vulnerable state to get her to suicide. But Mary isn’t weak. She realizes that she is now free from the clutches of her son while his bodyguard, The Sentinel, cannot do anything without his boss’ permission, including killing Mary Sibley.

Isaac Bonds With The Little Girl He Rescued

Elsewhere in Salem, Isaac (Iddo Goldberg) bonds with the little girl her rescued from witch Mercy Lewis (Elise Eberle). We learn that her name is Dorcas (Emma Claire Wynn) and she and her mother were branded witches. She watched her mother die from the plague while she was chained in prison.

Isaac gets a new purpose: Save such girls from witches. He heads over to Mercy’s brothel only to discover that the girls don’t want to be rescued. They are happy to give drops of blood in exchange for food, warmth and freedom to keep their earnings. He also learns that the birds caged in her room are actually men!

Salem’s New Power Couple: Mercy And Hawthorne

Before Isaac enters Mercy’s room, “Salem” Season 3, episode 4 gives us an understanding of Salem’s new and emerging power couple: Mercy and Magistrate Hawthorne (Jeremy Crutchley). Not only are they enjoying each other’s company but the power-hungry couple have set their sights on ruling Salem.

Tituba Gives Cotton Surprising News

When Cotton finally heads to Boston through the woods, Tituba (Ashley Madekwe) finds him and gives him a surprising news: He is going to be a father. Anne is pregnant. Last episode, she did mention that she feels something growing inside of her.

Tituba presents him with a choice: Head to Boston and tell the people there the truth about Salem and the devil or go to your son and be a father. If he chooses Boston, he will never be able to see his son. What will he choose? He better decide fast because the devil is going to kill Anne.

John Alden Gets His Hands On Angel Tears

In another part of the woods, John Alden (Shane West) follows his protégé – the girl pretending to be a boy – to a camp. The French have captured this girl and are about to kill her when Alden arrives. He gets a hold of the angel tears and learns that this powerful device was used to wipe out a town not far from Salem. It sends everything to hell. Just when he learns this, Alden is surrounded by undead Native Americans.

“Salem” Season 3, episode 4 ends with the Essex witches rescuing Mary from the house and offering to hide her in the woods. However, Mary has a plan to take down the devil. She goes back to the house. Hell hath no fury like a Mary Sibley scorned.

“Salem” Season 3 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on WGN America.

Salem The Sentinel uses Mary's vulnerable position to take advantage of her in “Salem” Season 3, episode 4 “Night’s Black Agents.” Photo: WGN America