The rivalry between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan is not anything new for the fans of the two Bollywood actors. But that story seems to get another interesting twist as latest reports say that Salman wants a big production house to pay him a rupee more for his new film what they are paying to Shah Rukh for his next movie with Katrina Kaif.

Before Salman committed to the movie, he asked Aditya Chopra to pay him a rupee more than what SRK was being paid for Yashji's film, NDTV quoted an unnamed source as saying.

The source also revealed that Salman had asked Aditya for a percentage of the profit as part of his remuneration. Aditya didn't promise Salman what he was asking for and explained to the actor that his percentage of profit share would be based on how much the film makes on release.

However, Aditya reassured Salman that he would be paid as fair a deal as he gets with any other filmmaker.

According to the report, all the three Khans (Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan) get a fixed fee of not less than Rs 15 crore each.

Though the Chopras don't pay anyone's market price earlier, they have agreed to the fees of the Khans being divided into a fixed amount and a share in the profits, another source has told NDTV.