Thousands of people stripped down to their underwear and ran from Gallivan Center through Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday.

The annual event called the Utah Undie Run was organized to protest against the state's uptight culture, said organizer Nate Porter.

My goal is to change Utah. To make this state lighten up once and for all, he told Fox 13, a local TV channel.

The rally also aimed to break clichés often associated with Utahns.

I think so many people have all these misconceptions about Utahns because the angry, uptight ones are so vocal. And I'd like to see that change, even just a little. I am so sick of hearing all the crazy things Utah is known for, like the liquor laws, and don't even get me started on Prop. 8, the California gay marriage ban backed by the Mormon Church, Porter told Salt Lake Tribune. I want to show a more interesting side of Utah.

Participants arrived fully clothed at the Gallivan Center and then stripped down to colorful knickers, bras, nightgowns and swimwear, reports the Associated Press.

The organizers were very firm about not allowing any nudity at the event. They estimated that 3,000 people turned up for the rally. Participants also painted political messages- like supporting gay rights- on their body.

Watch a clip of the event.