It’s been a very rough month for Christian YouTube celebrities Sam and Nia Rader. Now, after an altercation at a vlogger convention, the couple has announced that they’ll be taking a break from posting videos to their channel. 

The couple’s troubles, surprisingly enough, began with some extraordinarily happy news. Earlier this month, Sam managed to discover that his wife, Nia, was pregnant before she did. He recorded her reaction when he finally told her that they were expecting a third child and the video, posted to their YouTube channel "Sam and Nia," went viral. Unfortunately, soon after, the couple released another video acknowledging to fans that Nia had suffered a miscarriage. On top of that tragedy, it was brought to light by way of the Ashley Madison hacks that Sam had signed up for an account on the website, designed to facilitate affairs between married people, several years ago. 

However, the incident that led them to take a break from vlogging happened, according to People, at Vlogger Fair in Seattle, Washington, over the weekend. The couple was reportedly kicked out of the event after Sam started a “verbal altercation” with another YouTube couple. Apparently, Sam had previously posted a message to his fans thanking them for their support and love following the miscarriage. In it, he reportedly used language that another vlogger took offense to. He or she hasn’t been named by anyone involved, but the response tweet reportedly referred to the idea of Sam using his miscarriage to gain followers as “jacked up.” 

Sam apparently confronted the person who sent the tweet at the Vlogger Fair with little incident, but said he couldn’t resist confronting another vlogger who favorited the tweet.

“They pretty much teamed up and were bullying us, that’s it,” Sam says in the video, posted to his channel late Tuesday. “They were bullying our family.” 

The second person in the altercation recently came forward as Cullen from another family vlogging channel titled “Cullen & Katie.” Both Cullen and Sam released a video explaining to their fans what happened at the event with slightly different variations of the story. What is the same in both video explanations is that Sam confronted Cullen, who has suffered more than one miscarriage with his wife Katie in the past, about liking the “jacked up” tweet. 

Cullen says he was holding his daughter when Sam approached him and immediately got defensive. Although things never got physical, Sam and Nia were asked to leave the conference.

“Today has been one of the hardest days in mine and Nia’s life so far. Especially for Nia,” Sam says in the video, presumably several hours after initially being booted from the event. “Just so much going on in our lives right now. Just too much, and the vlog right now just isn’t feasible in our life right now. We’re going to take a break.” 

Rader kept his hiatus explanation vague, saying that the break could last a week; maybe more, maybe less. You can view Sam and Nia’s post about the convention (starting at 7:38) below. When you’re done, you can check out Cullen and Katie’s response to the video here, via their YouTube channel.