Get a load of Mr. Tough Guy.

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Sami Lepisto added a new method to the art physical sacrifice in sports, flashing on Twitter a hideous bruise he sustained during his team's series against the Phoenix Coyotes -- which ended a week ago.

The 27-year-old Lepisto tweeted the gross hematoma, adding This is why I shouldn't be blocking slap shots!!

The shot of the deep-purple bruise covering most of Lepisto's leg quickly went viral -- cause how many people have actually stopped a slap shot with an extremity?

Lepisto has been mum on when exactly he sustained the injury, though a video has made its rounds. He only played three games in the six-game series, but in game five left after blocking a shot from Phoenix's Lauri Korpikoski. The Blackhawks went on lose the series despite Lepisto's sacrifce.

While Lepisto's bruise certainly isn't something to immediately dismiss, hockey players have endured much worse throughout the years. The Philadelphia Flyers' Ian Laperiier put his face between a hockey puck and goal, and the Montreal Canadiens' Josh Gorges took one upside the head himself in 2010.

All three pale in comparison to then-Buffalo Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk, who turned into a blood fountain in 1989 after an ice skate sliced this throat open.

In comparison to that, Lepisto might want to ice the bruise and stop showing off. Check out the likely source of the bruise below.