Launched in November 2014, Samsung Flow is now available for download via the Google Play store. Notably, the Flow is the Samsung equivalent of Apple’s Continuity. This new system will reportedly boost communication flow between various Samsung smartphones, tablets, phablets and TV sets.

In an age where every individual uses multiple devices to get through a given day, “file transfer” is an important function. This is where Samsung Flow comes into play. It is currently available as a beta version to ease the process of file transfer between a slew of compatible Samsung devices. This system also guarantees seamless integration between devices -- with no interruptions.

Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are reportedly trying to perfect the art of seamless file transfer by integrating different devices. For instance, Microsoft’s fundamental principle for the upcoming Windows 10 operating system is the unification of the tech giant's various platforms pertaining to phones, tablets, desktops/PCs and consoles. On the other hand, Apple's iOS and OS X have already been connected seamlessly via Apple Continuity. To top it off, Phone Arena says, Apple has introduced key features like Handoff, which helps in providing a head start from where the user left off when switching between iMac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This is exactly what Samsung is trying to achieve with the help of the newly introduced Flow.

Technically, Phone Arena says, the Samsung Flow can be split into three major categories:

1. Transfer: Helps in transferring content between Samsung devices.

2. Defer: Helps in syncing tasks between Samsung devices.

3. Notify: Helps in sharing notifications between Samsung devices.

However, it is worth mentioning that, the last category, “Notify,” apparently does not work in the beta version.

Readers should note that Samsung Flow will apparently not work with every Samsung device. But here is a list of Flow-compatible smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 4 Edge. The Galaxy Tab S is reportedly the only compatible tablet, at this point. 

The following video explains Samsung Flow: (Credit: YouTube/Samsung - ThinkTankTeam)