At the Consumer Electronic Show 2012, T-Mobile and Samsung have announced the new smartphone Galaxy Blaze, which will operate on a faster 4G network.

“Consumers want the accessibility and entertainment capabilities that smartphones offer, and we’re committed to providing a range of 4G device options,” said Andrew Sherrard, senior vice president, marketing, T-Mobile USA.

It has a Super AMOLED touchscreen and runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processor with 1.5 gigahertz dual CPUs and HSPA+ 42 data speeds. The existing Samsung Galaxy S2 on T-Mobile even employs the same Snapdragon S3 processor. Other Galaxy S2 devices are equipped with a 1.2GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos chip, which has a slower clock speed.

It has four capacitive function buttons below and a nicely rounded design. But T-Mobile and Samsung have not said if the Blaze 4G would get Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

There is no word yet on pricing or availability. It will run on a 4G network that T-Mobile says has doubled in speed and added 12 markets, resulting in faster 4G (HSPA+ 42) to 184 million Americans in 175 markets.

The Galaxy S Blaze 4G will offer a variety of pre-loaded entertainment features so consumers can enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows, games, music and more while on-the-go. The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G is expected to be available later this year.