The Galaxy Note 3 appears to have been prematurely exposed by Samsung itself. Confirmation of the “phablet,” as well as other devices yet to be unveiled including the Galaxy S4 Zoom camera, were spotted at the Samsung Kazakhstan website.

Tech Tastic discovered the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9000) mentioned among several devices on a page about some sort of regional VIP service on the Samsung Kazakhstan website. The Galaxy Note 3 as well as the Galaxy S4 Zoom (SM-C1010) have since been removed from the site; Tech Tastic was still able grab a screen capture, which clearly lists the unreleased devices as part of the VIP service. Also among the list, and now removed, were the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 (SM-T311) and the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (GT-P5200), which have since been officially announced by Samsung proper.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 still remains very much in the realm of rumors; however, we probably can take this leak as some confirmation of the device’s existence, regardless of when its release date will be and what features it will possess.

The most recent rumors suggest that we may see the Galaxy Note 3 released between July and August, packing the beefy Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor; a large contrast to previous rumors that suggested a September unveiling at the IFA Expo in Berlin and the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa as its processor. Samsung has a major event coming up this month, Premiere 2013, which will take place in London. The Korean manufacturer is expected to unveil Galaxy and ATIV series devices at the event, but the Galaxy Note 3 is likely not among those devices. The recently announced Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 will likely be showcased publicly for the first time, while the long-rumored Galaxy S4 Zoom and Galaxy S4 Active will likely be unveiled.

Samsung has notably unveiled its previous Galaxy Note series phablets at or around the IFA Expo, which spurred rumors about its September unveiling, and is still largely accepted. The Galaxy Note devices also tend to release later in the year; the original Galaxy Note released in October, while the Galaxy Note 2 released in late September.

While Galaxy Note 3 rumors are gaining momentum, few have been largely accepted as fact. SamMobile recently tweeted about prospective specs, which include a 5.99-inch Super AMOLED Full HD display, 13-megapixel camera, 3GB RAM, LTE, 8mm breadth and 182gram weight. The tech website, which has a sketchy track record, has not been able to confirm a processor, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and Samsung Exynos 5 Octa both mentioned.

Nevertheless, glimpses from Samsung are always hopeful. The manufacturer did let slip the $650 approximate retail price of the Galaxy S4 prior to its release, which has turned out to be largely correct. We wouldn’t be surprised if these “leaks” directly from Samsung are intentional.