Samsung's Galaxy Note and Apple's iPhone 4S are two of the best phones on the AT&T network, but the Note is $300 on contract, and you can get a 16 gigabyte iPhone 4S for only $200. But, maybe that extra $100 is worth it. You could get the Galaxy Note or a 32 gigabyte iPhone 4S. Both devices are amazing, so if you are an AT&T customer, you truly have a big decision to make. That is unless you're sore about them raising the data plan fees, doubling the activation fees or throttling high data consumers' connections. All of these changes have been made in the past month, but if you're not angry enough to switch carriers, here's how the two stack up.

Samsung's Android-powered Galaxy Note is noteworthy because of it's huge 5.3-inch display, 4G LTE speed and inclusion of a stylus for writing on the device. iPhone 4S is notable because it includes Siri the digital voice assistant, an excellent camera and access to the App Store that has over 500,000 apps like the massively popular Instagram. Additionally, there are plenty of differences between these devices' software besides the number of apps. The Android system is good for people who love to customize their gear and tinker with the look and even function of the software. Apple's iOS system is meant to be simple to use and very intuitive. That doesn't mean there aren't changes you can make to suit your preferences, but the level of changes is what separates Android and iOS.

In fact, if you are even considering the Galaxy Note, you are probably different than most smartphone shoppers. The size will turn some people off, especially if your hands simply can't hold it comfortably. It's not heavy or anything, it's just wide and tall. In fact, it's nearly as thin as the iPhone with less than half a millimeter difference. Galaxy Note is more than an inch taller and an inch wider than the iPhone. Be sure to get down to the store and compare them hands on. The Galaxy Note is an intriguing device, and it will get the new Android 4.0 update eventually, but we recommend the iPhone just because of the $300 price tag on the Note. Once the price comes down, then it's a much harder choice. Tell us in the comments if you're considering the Galaxy Note and why.