According to the latest reports, Samsung’s most popular smartphone, Galaxy S2, is set to receive an Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich update on March 10. The update is expected to arrive via Kies and FOTA. The update will come to individual carriers and their own variants of the smartphone.

The new update is also set to bring in new improvements such as Face Unlock and Android Beam, and Mobile Network Data usage function too is added. More information has suggested the usability of multi-tasking and some applications will be improved as soon as the update arrives.

However, it is to be noted that because of the nature of the new OS, Adobe flash and Bluetooth 3.0 HS will not be supported. Moreover, after the update has been successfully made, few user data or setting value will be initialized. There may also be a few changes to the Home screen and the sequence of the applications.

It is also important to remember that enough device memory is required to successfully update the device. If the update is via Kies, then at least 60MB is needed and if it is via FOTA then at least 350MB, and it has been advised to delete downloaded applications if the memory space is an issue during the update process.

More information will follow.

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