Samsung Galaxy S3, which is likely to be launched this year by the South Korean Electronics Company, is anticipated to have the quad core processor.

The processor will have a quad core Cortex A9 1.5 Ghz CPU which is 32 nm in size. This will prove a blessing for people who are involved in multi-tasking.

These processors have the distinctive capability that will be enabling the users to switch between cores. As such, it will be figuring out which task would require more resources before automatically assigning more power to it.  As a result, when the user is having many apps opened, he/she will not be suffering from lagging time concerns or unexpected shut down issues. The processor will be assigning power to the app that needs it more compared to the apps that are on standby mode.

In addition to this, the quad-core processor will be capable of breaking up certain tasks across its cores. As a result of this, the user will not drain out the battery even if he has unknowingly left several apps open.

If a definite task is heavy in terms of power required, all the four cores can work together to ensure that the user can finish his task quickly.

Since it has four cores for supporting the user to complete the task faster, the phone will be in a position to execute the job easily. This means tasks like loading web pages and downloading pictures take place more rapidly. Also the video will need lesser buffering time.

With these capabilities, the presence of quad-core processor is going to be a definite advantage for the expected Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of performance and quality.