Samsung's highly anticipated Galaxy S3 smartphone is said to be the manufacturer's flagship device of the year. The Korea-based company has yet to announce an official release date, but speculations have been circulating about when the phone will be launched and which features it will support.

It seems the Korea-based company is taking measures to keep the Galaxy S3 under wraps, according to News Broadcast, a website that publishes various press releases and news syndications. The report likened Samsung's strategies to those of Apple, who have also implemented procedures to keep their designs discreet.

Samsung has been hard at work ensuring that the launch of this new model maintains an air of mystery and thus increases speculation among consumers and industry experts, the report read.

ETNews, a South Korean news source, said that the workers currently testing the product are unaware of what the design is.

Samsung is using versions of the model that are hidden inside an external casing, the site read. This means that the testers can experience the full operation of the device without ever knowing what it looks like.

With details on the smartphone's display, size, processor power, camera and battery surfacing around the Internet, some eager fans and analysts may think they know exactly what to expect. However, as Android Authority points out, none of this information could be true.

We will not know for sure until the official announcement, which is expected to be May 22nd in London, wrote Android Authority's Ankit Banerjee. But again, that is another rumor that needs validation.

Samsung's lunch box strategy to keep its flagship phone a secret provides an efficient way to prevent leaks, according to the Android-based site.

This ploy is a brilliant way to maintain secrecy, and without a semi-official leak, allows Samsung to make design changes right until the launch, writes Banerjee. Who knows, all the speculation and rumors so far might be a part of Samsung's strategy to find out what, we, the consumers, would like to see on its next flagship device.

Apple's upcoming next generation smartphone, said to be called the iPhone 5, is undergoing the same type of treatment, according to PhoneDog. The smartphone website reported that the prototype versions of Apple's next iPhone do not include the new design in order to prevent leaks.