Huawei announced their Ascend D quad smartphone at the Mobile World Congress, and while it won't go on sale in the U.S. (yet), it will get plenty of comparisons to the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung declined to introduce the Galaxy S3 at Mobile World Congress this year. Instead, Samsung will hold their own event sometime before July, and that way Samsung gets more media attention. Huawei has a long way to go before they can put on their own big press events, but Samsung is gaining in popularity in large part because of the success of the Galaxy S2 smartphone.

The latest rumor about what the Galaxy S3 will look like is it will have a ceramic body, at least on the back, tech blog Boy Genius Report, reported. Many have reported it could also include a massive 4.8-inch screen, 4G LTE connectivity, Android 4.0 and the quad-core processor. Whatever it debuts with, it has big shoes to fill because the Galaxy S2 is an absolute beast with so many features, many users don't even know all the things they can do with the device. While some Android enthusiasts don't always appreciate Samsung's TouchWiz skin, it is still likely to figure prominently on the S3. Additionally, there is no price or carrier information known yet, so we're left to compare the rumors to actual devices like the Huawei Ascend D quad.

Huawei is based in China, and they make more mobile technology than anyone in the world except Nokia, but their consumer division, obviously, does not have much of a track record in the U.S. They're most known for building network and mobile telecommunications equipment. They've built the Ascend P1 S smartphone, and they showed it off at CES in January featuring a 6.7mm thick body. Now they've unveiled the Ascend D quad, and while it is not ready for mass production, it does feature a proprietary quad-core chip, Android 4.0, Dolby 5.1 surround sound, a 4.5-inch 720p HD display, dual cameras, huge 2,500mAh battery and MHL technology. That lets the D quad connect to an HDMI cable via the microUSB port. Tell us in the comments if you'd take a flyer on Huawei if one of its smartphones came to the U.S.

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