The day Samsung enthusiasts have been waiting for is finally here as the first pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 smartphone can now be made.

On Tuesday, AT&T launched its pre-order page, which notes the shipping date for handsets as April 30, our first official release date for the fourth-generation Galaxy S series device. Before there can be any rejoicing, however, there are a few matters to point out. 

The pre-order page only offers the 16GB Galaxy S4 for pre-order, with the device selling for $199.99 with a two year contract, $449.99 with a one-year contract or $639.99 at full price and with no contract.

Android Authority notes customers will be unable to find any information about the Galaxy S4 by doing a search of the AT&T website. The device also isn't listed on the network’s smartphone page. AT&T announced it would sell the 32GB Galaxy S4 for $249.99 with a two-year contract but said the device is currently not available for pre-order.

In addition, it seems some customers may have to wait longer than others to order their handsets. While some have been able to view the full pre-order page, as screen captures of the page have already surfaced, our page view is coming up without price information or the “Pre-Order Now option.”

When trying a different browser, we were met with the message, “The device you've selected is not available in your area.” When speaking with an AT&T online sales representative, we were told that pre-orders are still rolling out to various locations, so if you attempt to access the Galaxy S4 pre-order page and you are not able to complete your order, try back in a few hours.

Those who are able to complete their order should expect their handsets to arrive within two business days, which should be May 3 at latest. Currently, there is no news on when the Galaxy S4 will be available in stores.  

If AT&T is not your carrier of choice, you can also pre-order from U.S. Cellular starting Tuesday. The network’s pre-order process benefits with a link to the pre-order page right on its main page. U.S. Cellular is offering the 16GB Galaxy S4 for $199.99 with a two-year contract -- its only option for the device.

Pre-orders for Walmart and Staples are also scheduled to begin Tuesday; however, neither retailer has announced details or instructions.

Sit tight as we have just two weeks left until the release of the Galaxy S4. By then, both Samsung and carriers will likely be a bit more forthcoming about information on their newest device.