The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in four colors upon its global release on April 11, but the U.K. carrier Vodafone will carry the Copper Gold option exclusively.

Vodafone made the announcement on its blog Monday, detailing that the gold color option would be “exclusive from launch,” meaning the mobile network will be the only British carrier to offer the gold Galaxy S5 when it releases. It is currently uncertain how long this exclusivity will last, but many assume the deal will continue for some time. The other Galaxy S5 colors include Shimmer White, Electric Blue, and Charcoal Black varieties. They probably will be available at other mobile networks in the U.K.

While there has been no confirmation from Samsung on the matter, Vodafone’s announcement could be the manufacturer’s way of anticipating a high demand for the Galaxy S5 in gold. Many will remember in September of last year, when the iPhone 5s released, there were three color options: gold, silver and space gray. But when consumers attempted to purchase the gold iPhone 5s during the initial launch, they learned that supplies of the color variant were extremely limited. The gold iPhone 5s was then back-ordered for several months. There is no telling how the release of the Galaxy S5 will pan out, but now, prospective customers in the U.K. know where to find the gold Galaxy S5, if that is the color they desire.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available for pre-order starting March 28, and Vodafone users can also purchase their Galaxy S5 handsets on that date. Vodafone has not indicated whether its Galaxy S5 model will actually be released on Samsung’s designated launch date.

Samsung opted for a “modern glam” look on the Galaxy S5 with a perforated back panel, which is intended to introduce texture into the handling of the new flagship. Prior to its release, there were many rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S5 might come out with a metal design. But Samsung has opted to continue its tradition of outfitting its flagships in polycarbonate. In addition to the updated design and new color variants, Samsung has also outfitted the Galaxy S5 with an Ingress Protection Rating of IP67. This means that the Galaxy S5 is not only dustproof, but also waterproof for up to 30 minutes in up to 1 meter or water.

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