Looking at the Samsung Q1 2016 earnings, it is clear that the Galaxy S7 series helped the company regain the lost momentum after a slew of depressing financial results. Seeing the potential of the device and the unprecedented demand, Samsung has been releasing killer ads focusing on key features of the new flagship.

Now, Samsung has added a new commercial in its YouTube channel showing the power of dreams with the help of Virtual Reality. The ad shows the Galaxy S7 Edge paired with a Gear VR headset. The theme of the ad is that even though many people can dream about what they want, those dreams may never become a reality. And this is precisely where Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge can help demonstrate the Virtual Reality.

Samsung has made it a point to project the Galaxy S7’s Virtual Reality as the unique selling point of the device. Not to forget, the South Korean tech giant partnered with Oculus for VR. Speaking of content for VR, an assortment of Virtual Reality games, videos and other formats can be downloaded from the Gear VR’s content library.

On a related note, Sam Mobile said Samsung is apparently working on a standalone VR headset. In other words, Samsung is gearing up to release a Virtual Reality headset that will not require a Galaxy smartphone to work wonders.

This headset will apparently come bundled with its own processing unit and a display. This headset will reportedly come with positional tracking, which is already part of high-end headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

To top it off, the tech giant might also add support for hand and gesture tracking in future Samsung VR headsets. However, at this point, Samsung has not announced the release timeframe of the standalone VR headset.

Here is the latest ad showing the Galaxy S7 Edge and Gear VR: (Credit: YouTube/Samsung)