Xiaomi CEO Hugo Barra recently drove a 1,000 kg (2,204 pounds) car over a new Redmi Note 3 handset as part of the torture test. Now, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owner has tested the device by trying to crush it under a 400-ton hydraulic press.

There are many torture test videos of Galaxy S7 Edge uploaded in YouTube by fans, device owners and tech portals. The tests include scratching the display of the handset with keys/coins/knife, throwing it with force, dropping a dumbbell and soaking it in water/cola, among others. But nobody would have thought of testing the S7 Edge under a brutal hydraulic press.

The result of the torture test may sound quite obvious. However, the video is worth watching as it shows a lot of visual effects like fire, smoke, sparks and melting.

Here, check out the video showing a 400-ton hydraulic press crushing the helpless Galaxy S7 Edge: (Credit: YouTube/Slickwraps)

On a related note, eBay is now selling the GSM unlocked international variant of the Galaxy S7 Edge for $699.99. The actual retail price of this 32 GB model is $899.99. This translates to a cool 22 percent discount.

EBay has listed the discounted Galaxy S7 Edge in Black, Silver and Gold hues. It is worth noting that being an international variant, this handset comes with a foreign charger. But then, the seller will apparently add a U.S. adapter to the device bundle.

This discounted variant does not work with CDMA carriers like Verizon, Sprint and Boost. As always, buyers can avail free shipping service from eBay upon purchasing the phone. This deal is valid only for a limited period of time and here is the link to order the 32 GB Galaxy S7 Edge.