Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 has been rumored to feature a pressure-sensitive display and this is where Synaptics comes into play. Synaptics is one of the major providers of “human interface solutions.” This company announced earlier that the ClearForce force-sensing solution pioneered by them will be used by a slew of OEMs across the globe to build smartphones that are expected to ship in 2016. Meanwhile, Samsung has filed a new patent based on the ClearForce technology, pointing to the possible inclusion in the upcoming device.

Not long ago, Synaptics reportedly acknowledged that the force-sensing display technology dubbed ClearForce will not be exclusive to Apple or Huawei, as reported earlier. Following the announcement, Samsung has apparently patented a similar technology for its Galaxy S7, with the rumored release date set in January 2016.

In hindsight, speculations were rife that Apple will be introducing the one-of-a-kind pressure-sensitive display on its flagship iPhone 6s, although the company calls the technology as “Force Touch,” instead of “ClearForce.” Before Apple could unveil the new iPhone, Huawei introduced a high-end phone with a similar Force Touch display on its Mate S smartphone, Phone Arena reported.

Later, Apple also released the pressure-sensitive screen mechanism bundled in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. With many OEMs like Apple and Huawei leading the display war, Samsung will apparently jump on the bandwagon with its Galaxy S7.

Synpatics, on the other hand, has announced that the ClearForce technology is being used by many leading OEMs and that it will be mass-produced sometime in Q1 2016. This also confirms the possible release time-frame of many high-end devices.

Meanwhile, Samsung's new patent on Force Touch technology depicts a diagram of the force-sensing display, which seemingly reacts to different ways of tapping. The pressure change will be sensed, and eventually it gets processed into software commands for the device to react accordingly, Phone Arena reported.