In the previous week, Samsung unveiled a new 5.5-inch display at the Display Week conference that was held in San Francisco. It is a “VR ready” display that supports 4K resolution. Rumors have that Samsung will feature this display in the Galaxy S8 smartphone that is speculated to get unveiled in the first quarter of 2016.

According to Upload VR, the new 5.5-inch screen supports Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It offers a pixel density of 806 ppi that 44.7 percent higher than the displays that are present on most of the current generation smartphones.

The publication added that the display looked bright but it appeared to be running on lower frame rate. Hence, it seems that the company only showcased the prototype model of its new display for next generation smartphones.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 smartphone is expected to feature a UHD resolution display. However, speculations suggest that the newly introduced VR ready display from Samsung will not be used on the Galaxy Note 6 as it is rumored to include a 5.8-inch display. Hence, speculations are suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be featuring the new VR ready display.

Samsung also showcased its “Bio Blue” technology at the Display Week conference. This new technology can significantly reduce the harmful blue light on AMOLED display from 32 percent to 6 percent. This will allow users to view the display for longer hours without straining their eyes. The South Korean tech giant also revealed its Lightfield Display that can offer a sense of depth along with a crisp resolution while viewing an image on a mobile device.

In 2015, Sony had released the Xperia Z5 Premium smartphone that features a UHD display of 5.5 inches and it delivers a pixel count of 806 ppi. At present, it is the only smartphone available in the market across various brands to feature a UHD display.