Selfies aren't just for tweens and viral Oscar tweets anymore. Samsung has been a pioneer in the selfie camera trend, but they’ve taken it up a notch to give the people what they want: a more professional way to self-photograph.

The NX3000, the newest addition to Samsung’s NX mirrorless camera line, comes with a 3-inch, rotating LCD display so you can perfect your pout before snapping. And by snapping, we mean winking, because the device features “winkshot,” which allows the photographer to do exactly what the name suggests.

“With a similar photo-taking experience to that on a mobile device, coupled with the expandable NX system’s lenses and accessories, the NX3000 creates a welcoming opportunity for users to take charge and get creative with photography,” said Ron Gazzola, Senior Vice President for Marketing, Digital Imaging, Samsung Electronics America in a press release.

Like most smartphones, the camera comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, support for most social networks and the ability to filter on demand. Using the “Self Shot” feature, the camera can even retouch your photos as soon as you take them, preventing the photographer from seeing what they actually look like. This feature can be turned off, if you happen to be naturally photogenic. 

For those who care about the actual camera besides the selfie magic it can perform, it comes with a shutter speed of 1/4,000th of a second and can continuously capture shots, taking up to five frames per second.

If this weren’t enough, the camera, which comes in black, white or brown, is also designed to have a “retro” look, perhaps to lure hipsters and hipster-wannabes to spend $529 to take the perfect professional-quality selfie. #pelfie, anyone?