After deliberating since Tuesday, a federal jury found Friday afternoon that Samsung infringed on two of the five patents Apple accuses Samsung of violating. The jury also found Samsung did not infringe on two of Apple’s patents.

Apple came out the big winner, as it was found to have infringed on one patent and owes Samsung $158,400, while Samsung was ordered to pay $120 million in damages.

The verdict comes after a monthlong trial in which the court heard over 50 hours of testimony from lawyers, experts and executives from both mobile giants. 

This is the second Apple-Samsung lawsuit regarding mobile technology. In 2012, a similar trial ended with a verdict that Samsung violated six Apple patents. Apple was awarded $930 million, but Samsung appealed.

To see a full list and explanation of the patents the two companies are fighting over, see re/code, where tech reporter Ina Fried has been covering the trial from the courtroom.

Apple and Samsung account for around 68 percent of the U.S. smartphone market. The two share just over half of the global smartphone market. They shipped a combined 132 million smartphones wordwide in Q1 2014, up from a combined 107 million during the same period last year.