There's some good news for all modders out there as Samsung has released the source code for its coveted smartphone, Galaxy Note 2.

The Galaxy Note 2 smartphpone, featuring 5.5 inch screen, 16GB memory, 8 megapixel camera and running on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, has received appreciation for its performance and responsiveness.

The current source code release pertains to the GT-N7100 model that provides developers a peek into the 5.5-inch device's inner workings, enabling them to get to work on new mods, Engadget has reported.

Previously, the company posted the Android code for handsets including Galaxy S 3 after it went on sale allowing developers like CyanogenMod release custom ROMs within a few weeks.

So, Galaxy Note 2 users tired of TouchWiz or seeking root control of the device can rest assured that modders are at task, right away.

How To Get The Source Code

The files are available in the Samsung Open Source Release Center. Just enter the string GT-N7100 in the search to access the source code.

Apparently, shipping of the device, which is being released Oct. 24 in the U.S., commences in November and all major carriers are likely to support the device.