Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 isn't set to be released until this spring, but that hasn't stopped Samsung from hinting at the next entry in the Galaxy Tab line.

That next tablet might be the Galaxy Tab 8.9, if a recent teaser from Samsung holds true. Sent to Electronista and others, the teaser hints at a March 22 announcement for the device. That coincides with The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association conference, which takes place in Orlando, Florida later this month.

What's your Tab life? the teaser reads, with the numbers 78910 appearing beneath. With the original tab at 7 inches, and the recently-announced Tab 10.1 at 10.1 inches, the announcement of an 8.9 inch tablet is the most likely conclusion to be drawn from Samsung's teaser.

At 8.9 inches, the tablet would be sized a bit smaller than the iPad and Xoom, but would be the exact size of LG's Optimus Pad. Slightly larger than the original Galaxy Tab, an 8.9-inch tablet is seen by many as the ideal sweet spot for tablet size.

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