San Francisco tops the list of Prevention

magazine’s annual survey of the country’s best walking cities, leading

a list of 25 winners and 15 honorable mentions. It won in part because

its city government devotes 12 agencies to walking issues.

Selection of the best cities for walking

were based on 19 criteria, including population density per square

mile, use of mass transit, crime rates, and square miles of local and

state parks. Prevention—and its partners, the American Podiatric

Medical Association and Sperling’s Best Places—also consulted with a

panel of nationally recognized experts in the field of walking


The top 10 best walking cities were:

1. San Francisco

2. Boston

3. New York

4. Philadelphia

5. Chicago

6. Washington D.C.

7. Seattle

8. Honolulu

9. Portland, Ore.

10. Pittsburgh

Source: Prevention (04/07/2009)