A San Francisco, Calif., restaurant was forced to close this week after complaints that the area surrounding the Bacon-centric food truck smelled too strongly of the popular breakfast food. Bacon Bacon was forced to close after neighbor's complaints, citing the pork odor was created due to illegal grease dumping, uncovered the truck's lack of proper permits.

NBC News reported Friday that neighbors near the popular California food truck were unable to come to an agreement with the owner, Jim Angelus, over what they considered an “offensive smell” issue due to the restaurant’s heavy pork usage, resulting in the closing of Bacon Bacon Friday.

Neighbors insisted the “porcine aroma” was due to grease being illegally disposed of in nearby sewers, claiming they offered to buy Angelus a new air filter to help remedy the issue but were denied. Complaints led to the discovery that the truck lacked “proper health permits,” leading to its recent closure.

Restaurant owner Jim Angelus dismissed the reports on the official Bacon Bacon's Facebook page Thursday, calling the claims of illegal behavior “silly,” saying the truck's grease trap will get picked up and cleaned out on Tuesday. One neighbor of the truck commented on the reports asking the business to remain open despite criticism.

“Hold on! I’m one of Bacon Bacon’s neighbors, and I believe I speak for 99 percent of the neighborhood when I say, ‘Stay here,’” Lucia Tallchief Mele said. “Don’t let a couple of nasty naysayers or clueless bureaucrats deprive you for your livelihood! We will fight for you,” she said.

Angelus has since started a petition on the company’s website asking loyal customers to assist in keeping the truck in their current Frederick Street location, saying, “Two neighbors near Bacon Bacon want to see our doors closed. We need your support.” More than 1,800 supports have already signed the petition, which was first created in February.

According to the site, the food truck was previously involved in one prior incident. The post stated the truck was involved in a fire aboard the vehicle in November 2012. No workers or customers were hurt in the blaze that reportedly wasn’t due to current grease issues.

The popular restaurant was featured on the Discovery series “United States of Bacon,” which classified the establishment and a “portable pork paradise” and “a four-wheel shrine to swine.” Angelus said he started the business after a lifelong passion for food, majorly bacon. One of the businesses best-selling products included their grilled cheese sandwich which includes “bacon jam,” a mix of pork, maple syrup and coffee.

“I told the guys if they forget an ingredient, just put bacon on there,” Angelus said on the program.

NBC reports that Angelus is currently working on reviving the business in a location where an approved kitchen is available.