San West Inc., a leading full-spectrum, off-road buggy producer whose distribution footprint spans across a retail, online, and growing dealer network, reported today that sales on motorized scooters via partner website shot up 23% over 09 figures for the first two months of this year.

The Company’s leadership projects a huge spike in activity as the Spring/Summer Off-road Vehicle (ORV) season rapidly approaches, and data from also shows that the sale price for scooters in the aforementioned period also increased by 24.5%, showing marked consumer tendency to select higher-end units with additional features.

President of, Jesse Gonzalez, commented on the warming weather and thawing capital, inferring that greater economic fluidity in the consumer base was driving ORV sales, most notably scooters, which outperformed other segments on per-unit price and quantity of features sold with the unit.

Gonzalez said the Company’s outlook was optimistic with the approach of the traditionally busy Spring/Summer season and sales data that indicates “consumers have finally recovered from the recent economic downturn and are ready to enjoy hobbies and outdoor activities”.

With expectations to log the Company’s largest increase of motorized scooters sales ever sometime in the next 30 days, a bevy of positive feedback on the new product releases slated to debut in a few weeks, and an overhauled web presence that offers users a more intuitive experience, SNWT is experiencing what Mr. Gonzalez referred to as a “perfect storm of positive trends”.

President and CEO of SNWT, Frank Drechsler, cited “increased consumer spending on ORVs and related goods” as the primary force driving record scooter sales levels, and boldly asserted plans to continue to leverage their strong foothold as the “No. 2 online ORV dealer” in order to seize more of the market’s business for itself and for the Company’s shareholders.