Sandra Bullock has finally reached a happy level in her personal and family life, with the recent move-in of boyfriend Bryan Randall to the actress’ home.

A source told E! News that Randall has “officially moved in” with the “Gravity” actress and that they have been spending “most of their time together.” The source added that Randall still has his own home. Bullock’s boyfriend has also developed a close relationship with the actress’ two children Laila and Louis. “Bryan treats Sandra's children like his own. He really is a great farther figure,” the source stated.

Bullock’s happiness was also noticed by the Hollywood star’s friends and family members, according to the insider. The star’s friends also think that the Hollywood couple may get engaged at the end of the year. The insider added, “Sandra is the happiest she has ever been.”

The actress, who recently adopted daughter Laila in December, has also been busy trying to take care of her two children which the source said was her “favorite thing” to do. The source even explained that Bullock loves being a mother and that “it’s her biggest joy in life.”

As for Laila, the source commented that the three-year old girl and six-year old brother Louis “continue to get along” well with each other. Bullock, Randall and the two kids are also adjusting “well to a growing family,” the source added.

Meanwhile, a source also shared in an Us Weekly magazine that Randall has “taken on the role of raising the two kids” with “The Blind Side” star. The source even described Bullock’s boyfriend as “so in love” and that he was determined to have a long relationship with the Hollywood actress. The former model-turned-photographer has even “quit cigarettes cold turkey,” shared the source, which was a big move for Randall given that he was a chain smoker.

Bullock was previously married to Jesse James, but the two divorced in 2010. Shortly after their separation, the actress adopted son Louis.