TV personality and celebrity chef Sandra Lee has left the hospital and returned home to recover from a double-mastectomy operation after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Food Network star was discharged from the hospital on Monday and is now recuperating at home with longtime partner Andrew Cuomo, reports Newsday. A post on Lee’s official facebook account even showed the TV personality sitting up in bed with her sister Kimber, captioned: "Today is an exciting day! Sandra is going home to Lily Pond with her sister Kimber and Governor Cuomo. She is most excited to sleep in her own bed -- and see Phoenix and Halo when she wakes up!"

Lily Pond is the name of the six-bedroom home in New Castle, New York, that Lee shares with Cuomo, along with her two pet umbrella cockatoos named Phoenix and Halo. Lee later shared another picture in Facebook, captioning a photo of herself and Cuomo along with one of her pet birds: "Home after a long week in the hospital, so happy to be in my own backyard. There is no place like home!"

Lee has been very open about her battle with the disease ever since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent the double-mastectomy surgery on May 19, and Lee’s team provided updates about her hospitalization via Facebook, states E!News. From the time she woke up to prep for the surgery till the time Lee opted to walk toward the operating room with Cuomo beside her, the team shared it all. It was also reported that Andrew Cuomo stayed by her side in the operating room until Lee fell asleep and the surgeons got to work.

Even after her operation, the celebrity chef continued to provide updates about her recovery. According to People, Lee shared on Saturday how she’s lost 15 pounds in five days, not only because of her breasts, adding “It's just a lot of drugs, and it's a lot of nausea, and I just don't feel very good, but I'm going to get better.” She also posted a video from her hospital bed, saying how much pain she is in and imploring fans to get screened for breast cancer, too.