Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State football defensive coordinator who is accused of molesting young boys, faces two new claims of sexual abuse, Sandusky's lawyer has said.

Lawyer Joseph Amendola told the Associated Press that one of the new claims on Sandusy came from his kin due to some family dispute. Amendola described the other as an example of people trying to mimic other allegations and jump on the bandwagon.

That doesn't surprise me because we believe there would be a number of copycat allegations, people who really maybe not even had direct contact with Jerry but [are now on board] to try to jump on the bandwagon, said Amendola.

According to ABC news, Sandusky's daughter-in-law filed a complaint against him, accusing him of abusing one of his grandchildren.

The daughter-in-law filed the complaint with Centre County's Children and Youth Services and apparently she is the wife of one of his adopted sons.

Amendola said that the allegation cited the abuse of one grandchild and if they resulted in charges, then it would be vigorously contended.

We'll defend those if and when they become charges, Amendola told the AP in a telephonic interview Wednesday. We'll defend those just like we're defending the other charges.

According to The Patriot-News of Harrisburg, the new claims against Sandusky were reported in the last two months but no charges have been filed yet.

The allegations are ridiculous and unfounded. Jerry has absolutely denied any inappropriate contact with his grandkids, Amendola told ABC News.

Sandusky, 67, is charged with 40 counts of sexually abusing preteen boys over a 15-year period. Earlier in an interview with NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams, Sandusky admitted that he showered with some boys but without intent of sexual contact.

Though the accusation against Sandusky was raised in 1998, the initial report of possible abuse was reported in 1995 when his now-legally adopted son Matt Sandusky was a foster child in his home.

Matt still supports his father and even brought his children to visit Sandusky. But the mother of Matt's children immediately went to court to stop the future visits of her kids to Sandusky's house.

Amendola says that his client at present is free on bail without having to post any bail money. However, he fears if any fresh criminal charges is filed against Sandusky, then he will be sent back to jail as a threat to the community.