Superstorm Sandy ravaged homes and businesses when it released its wrath across New York state in October, but, according to a new report, it also responsible for a miracle. Manhattan resident Mimi Fery said it was the hurricane-force winds that helped reunite her with a decade-old message from her now-deceased daughter, Sidonie Fery.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Village of Patchogue workers located the long-lost message in a bottle among storm debris, soon after reuniting the decade-old letter with the grieving mother. “I was just sobbing when I heard they had found it,” Fery said. “These are very, very kind people."

The message was reportedly sent out to sea by Sidonie while visiting Long Island at age 10 more than a decade before her death before being located in November. The note from the teen, who met her untimely demise in 2010 at age 18 after falling from a cliff in Switzerland, shares a quote from the film “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” a message which Fery said is monumental. “Be excellent to yourself, dude,” Sidonie quoted in the note. “It makes so much sense." Since the discovery, Fery's note has been placed on a mug in the shape of a bottle and now rests next to the real message in a bottle beside a picture of the teen, according to her memorial Facebook page.

While the note was found a long way from Sidonie's Manhattan home and an estimated 2 miles from its deposited location on Long Island, Patchogue parks departments employee Brian Waldron said the note contained a phone number, which enabled workers to contact Fery. “I told her I felt like her daughter was looking down from heaven and wanted me to give her a call," he told the AP. "She was crying; everybody was crying."

A ceremony dedicating a plaque to the late teen is scheduled to take place on Long Island this weekend in honor of the workers’ discovery.