Yesterday, Sanswire Corp. announced that it has opened requests to cordially invite interested parties to the US unveiling of its STS-111 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The announcement, made through the company’s joint venture, Sanswire-TAO Corp., pertains to the ceremony tentatively scheduled for the second quarter of 2010 in Orlando, Florida. Sanswire has posted a special request form on its website where shareholders, investors, members of the media, aerospace industry executives, US military personnel, and federal and state government officials can request a formal invitation to the event.

The STS-111 is a Mid Altitude Long Endurance (MALE), lighter-than-air UAV designed for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. The airship is a low-cost unmanned platform designed for rapidly deployment, and is ideally suited to work in tandem with currently deployed heavier-than-air UAVs in global operations. The STS-111 incorporates Sanswire-TAO’s patented segmented design, which utilizes a non-rigid articulating structure. The design’s stability provides all of the benefits associated with a lighter-than-air vehicle for use in Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance missions.

The demonstration of the STS-111 UAV will take place at the Sanford International Airport on runway 9R-27L. The event will feature flight tests and systems presentations that showcase the STS-111’s unique capabilities designed to promote the airship’s capacity for global and homeland security applications. Additionally, attendees will be able to participate in a “hands-on” inspection of the STS-111 and its onboard systems.

Captain David Christian, CEO of Sanswire, commented, “We are pleased with the progress of our airship program and are looking forward to the opportunity to share this long awaited event with our supporters and the general public. Following this demonstration, we plan to deliver the STS-111 to our systems integrator and operations partner, which we strongly believe is a major milestone for lighter-than-air aviation, as well as for Sanswire-TAO.”