Sanswire Corporation, developer and provider of an integrated suite of aerospace communications products and services, announced they received a funding commitment arranged by Global Telesat Corporation (GTC) for the completion of the Commercial Version STS-111 Multi-Day UAV.

GTC is a renowned satellite tracking provider and the union of Sanswire and Global Telestat seems to have incredible potential. For Sanswire to complete their lighter than-air UAV (The STS-111), GTC provided $800,000.

Earlier in the year, GTC arranged funding that commenced the construction of the STS-111 which led to the development of the proprietary systems and construction of Sanswire’s TAO initial four-segment airship platform that recently commenced flight testing with a follow-up round of funding that will be utilized to complete the new 5-segment STS-111 airship, which is a commercial, long endurance platform powered by Sanswire-TAO’s proprietary FuelGas propulsion system.

The STS-111 Airship has flexible design and extended flight duration capabilities making it a state-of-the-art UAV which has the capabilities of changing their entire industry.

Leading the way at Sanswire is their CEO David A. Christian. A noted and respected name in his industry, Christian was quoted as saying, “We feel confident that completing the STS-111 airship and delivering the platform to our MOU partner, a leading global defense contractor, will lead to an opportunity to officially demonstrate the uniqueness and cost effectiveness of our platform. GTC’s level of confidence has lead to their agreement to provide additional resources to Sanswire to accomplish this task.”

Currently, Sanswire is trading in the $0.08 range and has continually produced positive news. With an innovative technology and a leader such as Captain David Christian in place, Sanswire may soon take flight.

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