Few trends are hotter this Christmas 2011 than the Santa reindeer cam, available at reindeercam.com.

Visitors to the Web site can see a live daily feed of activity from Santa's reindeer.

The reindeer are visible at a farm at Michigan, in actuality, thanks for something started by two entrepreneurs. At 5 p.m. EST each day, visitors to reindeercam.com can watch Santa feed his reindeer, while opening mail from letters to Santa. It has become quite popular this Christmas.

We want to put that up to the public, said Adam Loveless, one of entrepreneurs responsible for the website, according to northwestohio.com.  The premise is that Santa's had too many nice kids on his list this year, so he's going to need more manpower or reindeer-power, shall we say.

Loveless and his partner, Drew Bjorn, developed the idea -- taking Bjorn's deer farm in Caledonia, Michigan to another level. The reindeer are streamed for 24-hours per day, with the daily late afternoon visit from Santa.

The email response that we get from everybody else just saying they love watching it, how their kids won't go to bed without seeing the reindeer one last time, that's the response that I really love hearing especially from friends and neighbors and people I will never know from Florida and California and Russia.

Visit Santa's reindeer cam at reindeercam.com.