Santeon Group, Inc. recently signed a content distribution agreement with Radioactive Giant, a developer, creator and distributor of content intended for Internet enabled devices. The agreement will allow, a division of Santeon, to deliver content across RadioactiveGiant’s network, which currently reaches 30 million Internet devices in the US and 100 million worldwide. UBF will also have access to RadioactiveGiant’s independent film library of 20,000 titles.

Santeon Group is a tech company based in Virginia, with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, London, Cairo and Dubai. Santeon partners through various clients to deliver products to consumers at a reduced cost to the owners, and offers products in health care, energy, media, and agile development.

Santeon and RadioactiveGiant will collaborate on promotion and monetization of the content provided by both companies, while Santeon will offer RadioactiveGiant’s content through its web portal, using UBFilm’s content management and authentication platform. The platform will provide a secure content delivery source while supporting a variety of different business models.

“We believe signing the agreement with RadioactiveGiant will bring significant and immediate value to the customer as well as film viewers who will soon have instant access to over 20,000 films in addition to our growing library of films. We are very excited to have a partnership with RadioactiveGiant and believe that it will bring mutual value for both organizations,” commented Ash Rofail, CEO, Santeon Group, Inc.

“Digital media has opened direct distribution channel opportunities to develop new business models, content discovery, and audience development programs for both established and emerging independent filmmaker. We are pleased to have formed this alliance with Santeon’s UBFilm, which we believe will provide independent filmmakers more opportunities to fund, produce and promote their films with worldwide distribution,” commented Albert Sandoval, CEO, RadioactiveGiant.