Sarah Palin's highly anticipated appearance on Oprah Winfrey's show aired Monday featuring some controversial discussions including the issue of her teenager daughter's pregnancy and the baby's father Levi Johnston.

Palin said that she was praying for her son-in-law Jonhston who she said, was a bit heartbreaking to see the road that he is on right now.

(Johnston's) quite busy with his media tours and he hasn't seen the baby for a while, Palin told Oprah. But we will let that be the discussion between Bristol and Levi as they work out their relationship.

Johnston, 19 has opened to national media about personal issues involving the Palins. He has spoken badly of the family since he and Palin's daughter Bristol decided to breakup. He is set to appear in Playgirls' January issue.

Oprah's interview with Palin aired a day ahead of her book release Going Rogue.