So as not to be out of the spotlight for one day, Sarah Palin has released a slick, stylized video recapping her four day bus tour in Iowa.

The video certainly casts Palin as a possible contender for the Republican presidential nomination, and she has promised to make a decision on a run in the next month.

The video, shot like a montage from the NBC show Friday Night Lights, has a sunny tint to it as it follows Palin through the Iowa State Fiar - the kickoff to the Midwestern jaunt of her One Nation bus tour, which seems to have ended again after four days.

In the video, titled Iowa Passion, Palin is swarmed by adoring citizens and eager media. Yet, the clips affirm that Sarah Palin is just like us.

She's a normal person, just like every one of us, one fairgoer tells the camera. And I like that, 'cause I'm a farm wife.

The word's solid, down to earth, and awesome are also used to describe the former Alaska governor.

Palin is also seen eating butter on a stick.

You're not really going to eat that, a reporter asks, to which she chimes, Heck Yea!

Palin calls for the country to be put back on the right track, as she riles up the audience:

You all know better how to spend your own money than politicians in Washington, D.C., know how to spend. I think we're seeing a great awakening of the American public, the individual Americans who want the exceptionalism put back into our country.

Palin signs off at the end, promising to return to Iowa in early September when she will address a Tea Party rally in Waukee.

The video, produced by her SarahPAC political action committee, has a bizarre end. A grizzly bear roars triumphantly towards a cloudy sky - perhaps alluding to her Alaskan roots and the clouds she sees over Washington right now.

Have a look at the video below: