The French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will start the hectic European week and trigger the final countdown for the euro's survival in this crucial time in a meeting in Paris to discuss the means to stem the debt crisis.

The leaders are preparing their plans to present the final proposal on how to create a stronger Europe and a more integrated Europe that aligns its fiscal fight and takes more stringent oversight on the fiscal stance of nations, and especially as they push for the euro nations.

The German-Franco alliance is pushing for more integrated fiscal integration that they will present to the EU leaders gathering in Brussels at the end of the week as they kick off the infamous Friday December 09 negotiations with the late dinner on Thursday. Both leaders are asking for more oversight and budget discipline with the ability of the EU to impose penalties and take action on those in breach of the fiscal targets which all requires a treaty change and can take a lot of time indeed but will eventually lead to the untied stance and a stronger Europe.