SatMAX Corp., located in Houston, TX, designs and manufactures advanced non-line-of-sight satellite communications solutions. Founded in 2001, the company’s products provide critical indoor satellite communications for the commercial and government markets. SatMAX’s products have been sold to corporate, commercial, and government organizations.

With three innovative product lines, SatMAX has raised the bar in the communications solutions industry. Its SatMAX system enables Handset customers to make multiple concurrent and fully wireless satellite voice calls, while simultaneously allowing data connectivity from the safety of any indoor location. Its HeliSAT3 systems, a derivative of the SatMAX line, is employed in aircraft communication and is available as a portable light weight unit. Lastly, SatMAX’s BGAN solution marks the first mobile satellite service to use one device in the delivery of broadband data and voice to almost anywhere on the planet.

Today the company announced that it has signed an important reseller agreement with AvStar Aviation Group, Inc. (AAVG.PK). Through the agreement, AAVG will be able to offer the full line of SatMAX technology to its growing client list. This partnership will allow SATM to market directly to new sectors of the aviation industry such as privately owned aircrafts and aircraft maintenance operations.