SatMAX Corp. Houston based producer of advanced non-line-of-sight systems for satellite communications, announced recently that it has signed a letter of intent with AvStar Aviation Group, Inc., allowing AvStar to market the SatMAX® satellite communications repeaters and testing equipment to the commercial helicopter maintenance industry.

Wireless satellite telephone communications requires a direct line-of-sight connection between the user and the satellite to create the link between the handheld satellite phone and the orbiting satellite. This line-of-sight connection is interrupted when a user steps indoors. SatMAX repeater technology overcomes this line-of-sight requirement, allowing users much more flexible communication.

The agreement, estimated at over $4 million, calls for AvStar to purchase 10 rack mount SatMAX repeaters immediately, and 10 more units each quarter. The letter of intent is subject to final documentation and approval by both corporate boards of directors.

SatMAX CEO, Don Bresina, spoke about the importance of the agreement to the company’s long term marketing plans. “We are extremely excited about this early success of our recently announced marketing agreement with AvStar. As the utility and versatility of SatMAX® equipment is proven in the helicopter market, we believe that the popularity of our equipment will gain traction in new markets in the very near future. This agreement with AvStar falls within our strategy to become a leading worldwide provider of non-line-of-sight satellite communications solutions. We are formulating marketing strategies with marketing professionals in other industries. We believe these marketing programs will quickly drive SatMAX to a new level. The economic profits for us could be tremendous for years to come, considering the rapid worldwide growth of the satellite communications.”

SatMAX is dedicated to addressing the burgeoning demand for uninterruptable satellite communications. Satellite communication systems have become far more portable and valuable for both voice and data communications. As a result, they’ve become critically important for many organizations, especially as part of disaster recovery plans. SatMAX clients include business and military users, from the passenger cabins of helicopters, to commercial ocean liners, to business and government buildings.