Sauer Energy, Inc., a developer of home and enterprise scale vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) systems, today announced that it has chosen VEC Technology LLC to jointly manufacture its WindCharger model to develop propriety molds for the production of its renewable energy wind turbine blades and long-term production runs.

VEC Technology is an integrated composite solutions company that has developed a patented, cutting-edge, computer-controlled composite manufacturing process. Sauer selected VEC Technology because of this proven proprietary process, with expectations that this collaboration will position Sauer to meet global demand.

“We are very confident with VEC Technology as our development partner. They have an excellent track record in the field of composites and tooling for manufacturing and optimizing our part designs for market. This type of manufacturing will enable us to have a 10 year warranty and a possible life expectancy of over 20 years,” Dieter Sauer, president and CEO of Sauer, stated in the press release. “Crossing this threshold is a very exciting time for Sauer Energy.”

VEC Technology’s process combines software, hardware and intellectual capital to generate a molding system that, in this case, will produce serial numbered and registered turbine blades.

Sauer will integrate its designs with VEC Technology’s composites to produce what Sauer calls a “new level of future innovation in performance, sustainability, corporate and social responsibility for renewable energy.”

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