Clean technology pioneer Save the World Air, Inc. commented today that the company’s strategy is perfectly suited to meet the demands for lower energy consumption and increase for national fuel security.

The announcement follows President Obama’s speech yesterday at Andrews Air Force base, where he proposed to open up expanses of the Atlantic coastline and parts of Alaska to oil and natural gas drilling. In turn, other areas of the U.S. would be off limits. The speech highlighted the need to balance national fuel security with protecting the environment. Speaking in front of an F-18 “Green Hornet” that will run partly on bio fuel, President Obama tied oil and gas drilling expansion to the country’s need to increase the use of renewable energy, stating that “drilling alone cannot come close to meeting our long-term energy needs.”

Mr. Cecil Bond Kyte, Chairman and CEO of Save The World Air, Inc., commented, “President Obama’s speech validates STWA’s strategy to advance our ELEKTRATM technology with military decision makers as a solution to help reduce fuel consumption and increase national security while supporting the nation’s environmental objectives. The U.S. military is the world’s largest consumer of fuel, and President Obama’s focus on revamping the Department of Defense’s fuel consumption to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil corroborates our strategy of building relationships with the armed forces to advance the use of our patented clean technologies. As a retired commercial airline pilot, the President’s decision to give his speech in front of the Navy’s F-18 ‘Green Hornet’ really hit home and again reinforced the imperative to increase our country’s energy security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”

Mr. Kyte continued, “STWA’s efforts are in-line with the political initiatives underway in Washington and the statements made by the Federal government and President Obama. We believe that a broad application of our ELEKTRA technology within the military and across vital industries could reduce our country’s dependence on oil and lead to increased energy security. In March, we met with military decision makers at the Energy Futures Symposium, sponsored by the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE), where I had the opportunity to meet personally with the parties in charge of the ‘Green Hornet’ project. In addition, the Company has held discussions with several departments of the DOD and key suppliers about the implementation of its ELEKTRA technology.” Concluded Mr. Kyte, “It is clear that we are traveling in the correct circles that serve our country, collectively as we serve this Company and its shareholders.”