Save The World Air, Inc., an innovative pioneer in the clean technology industry, attended the Pipe Tech Americas 2010 Summit in Houston, Texas on January 19th and 20th, 2010 to showcase its Advanced Oil Technology (AOT). Today, the company told investors of several opportunities discovered at the conference.

“This event was a fantastic opportunity for us to meet with key decision makers from some of the world’s largest pipeline operators,” stated Mr. Cecil Bond Kyte, Chairman and CEO of Save The World Air, Inc. “I was accompanied by Dr. Rongjia Tao, PhD, inventor of the Advanced Oil Technology (AOT) and current Chair of Temple University’s physics department.”

“We had an opportunity to meet one-on-one with senior executives from several of the world’s leading oil pipeline companies. Dr. Tao spent time discussing the AOT technology in-depth, which generated a lot of interest in what we are doing,” he continued.

“Over the next few weeks we’ll be answering questions and exchanging data with these prospects. Prior to the conference, we were in active discussions with only one major oil company regarding a pilot project. Now, we are following up with several major pipeline operators including groups in Canada, Montana and California, who reviewed the AOT design and have discussed the details of potential deployments.”

Mr. Kyte added, “We have been approached by an organization interested in funding further research and application development for the AOT technology. This could be a very substantial opportunity for the Company, and we are currently evaluating how best to proceed with the relationship. Over the coming weeks we will be making some important strategic decisions surrounding AOT, as we feel that this technology has immense potential to positively impact the operation of pipelines globally. Therefore it will also play a pivotal role in the growth of STWA, so we want to make sure to align ourselves with the right organizations and operators.”

“Additionally, we met with crude oil pump and filter manufacturers that helped us define our objectives in more detail. In these discussions with major crude oil technology suppliers, we have been better able to quantify the economic benefits of our viscosity reduction technology. We are in preliminary discussions with such companies to partner to bring a specialized product to their niche markets,” further commented Mr. Kyte.

“One company President I spoke with was focused on the need and demand for oil, stating that hydrocarbon demand will continue to increase, and that now and in the future, it will be transported through a pipeline. We spoke about the challenges of extracting heavy crude in California and other locations, and how our technology would provide an economic benefit as a supplement or substitute to Drag Reducing Agents (DRA). The burdensome cost of extracting heavy crude, and the need for more cost effective methods of viscosity reduction was echoed by a pipeline operator in Montana and Santa Barbara.”

According to Mr. Simon Wren with the World Trade Group, “The STWA booth was one of the busiest and most heavily trafficked at the show.”

As a result of the success at the event, Dr. Tao and Mr. Kyte will be featured speakers at the Pipe Tech Americas 2011 conference.