Save The World Air, based in Morgan Hill, CA, issued a press release today to elaborate on discussions regarding bringing their proprietary products, AOT and ELEKTRA, to market. Save The World Air (STWA) is pursuing marketing strategies in the billion dollar industries of crude oil pipelines, land-based diesel engine technology and marine diesel technology.

With regards to these strategies, Mr. Cecil Bond Kyte, Chairman and CEO of Save The World Air, was quoted as saying “By forming strategic and synergistic partnerships with organizations that can help bring products based on our technologies to market quickly, we can fast-track our sales efforts.”

Applied Oil Technology (AOT) is a development of STWA that is designed for pipeline operators that does not use heat to raise the oil’s viscosity to allow it to flow through the pipeline. The industry standard is to either use heat to thin the oil or to use a form of a drag reducer to allow the pumps to move the oil. In preparation of sales of AOT, Save The World Air has been exploring and developing relationships encompassing all areas in the oil pipeline industry in preparation of bringing their products to market. Their plan is to market their technology to crude oil pump and pipeline manufacturers and subsequently it will be used in pipeline operations.

ELEKTRA, one of STWA’s other major products, deals with viscosity in diesel fuel. It uses an electrorheological field to aggregate suspended particulate matter in diesel fuel and thus reduce the viscosity. Basically, what this does is thins the fuel so it explodes better in the compression chamber, thus creating more horsepower while lowering emissions at the same time. STWA is in discussions with major manufacturers of diesel fuel injectors and fuel systems in order to bring ELEKTRA to market. The land-based diesel engine marketplace is a $6 billion industry.

The other large industry that STWA is courting for sales of ELEKTRA is that of the marine diesel engine. With approximately 90,000 cargo ships in the world, Save The World Air sees this as a viable source of revenues. SWTA is also amidst an ongoing discussion with the US Navy and contractors that supply the military regarding its products.

Per Mr. Kyte, “At the end of the day, we believe that a broad application of our ELEKTRA technology, across vital industries and within the military, could reduce our country’s dependence on oil, and lead to increased energy security,” concluded Mr. Kyte. “By installing the ELEKTRA on an internal combustion engine, regardless of size, and whether it runs on gasoline, diesel or bio-diesel, on land or at sea, we have proven that measurable reductions in fuel consumption can be achieved. And, the resulting emissions are reduced while improving performance.”