Located in Santa Barbara, California, Save the World Air Inc. (“STWA”) has earned a stellar reputation as an innovative company that creates technology focused on energy efficiency of large-scale energy production and improved fuel economy for diesel fleets. The young company has patented technology known as AOT™. The symbol for Applied Oil Technology, this technology will provide a cost-effective means of improving efficacy of crude oil transport and diesel engine efficiency. Today, announced that preliminary testing of AOT™ will begin in January 2011.

STWA is working closely Temple University and ELEKTRA™ on the AOT™. Preliminary testing will be conducted at the U.S. Department of Energy’s RMOTC (U.S. DOE) testing facility in Casper, Wyoming.

AOT™ is a new technology and this testing will measure the value to the company, their shareholders and the community. The testing will indicate the reduction of the cost of transportation of crude oil through pipelines under real world conditions.

Leading the way at STWA is Cecil Bond Kyte who serves as the Chairman and CEO of STWA. Commenting on what effect this testing will have on the future of the company, Mr. Kyte was quoted as saying, “We are all set up now begin initial baseline testing next month. The physics and engineering that have gone into developing an AOT™ prototype has resulted in a product that has the potential to change how crude oil is transported around the globe. The value AOT™ presents to industry is extremely significant, especially in low temperature, heavy crude extraction points and sub-sea operations and can provide for enhanced pipeline transmission systems.”

Mr. Kyte went on to state, “We are very excited to have reached this stage, and believe that the potential impact of AOT™ on the global energy supply delivery industry is enormous. The testing at the DOE represents a significant milestone towards realizing the commercial application of our technology.”

To learn more about the young company, visit the company website at: www.irthcommunications.com