Today in an 8-K, Savoy Energy Corp. announced the appointment of William F. Howell, Raymond A. Crabbe and Charles J. Jacobus to the Board of Directors. All three will hold their positions until the company’s next scheduled shareholder meeting at which time shareholders will vote for re-election.

Mr. Howell retains nearly five decades of oil and gas experience, both onshore and offshore. His previous experience includes 13 years (1955 – 1968) as an exploration geologist at Continental Oil Company, 6 years (1968 – 1974) as Gulf Coast Exploration Manager for Mesa Petroleum, 7 years as an Exploration Vice President for Roberts Oil and Gas, and 11 years as Senior Exploration Advisor for Hardy Oil & Gas. He has also served on the Board of Directors of Roberts Oil and Gas, Inc., but no longer holds that position. Since 2000, Mr. Howell has served as the President of Paragon Petroleum, Inc.

Mr. Crabbe has also accumulated many years of experience within the oil and gas industry, including pipeline, chemical, petrochemical, refining and offshore. He has both domestic and international expertise in oil and gas gathering, pipeline, storage, transmission and loading facilities. His domestic experience covers all fifty U.S. states and his international experience includes South America, Russia, Asia, Middle East, Indonesia, Canada, Africa and the Virgin Islands. In the past five years, Mr. Crabbe has been employed by Chevron; STV Inc.; and Mustang Engineering.

For more than 25 years, Mr. Jacobus has been an accomplished real estate attorney and publisher. He has a sole practice law office and maintains affiliations with many real estate associations as they pertain to commercial and residential real estate law in the State of Texas. Mr. Jacobus has published multiple books focused on Georgia, Ohio and Texas Real Estate Law, co-authoring many of them. Receiving his Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston and Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston, Mr. Jacobus holds a State Bar of Texas license as well as a Texas Real Estate Broker license.

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