Yesterday after the closing bell, Savoy Energy Corp. announced that in the near future the company intends to upgrade the technology at its Rozella Kifer Well. The company has ordered a Jack Shaft Reducer that will be installed on the well. The installation is anticipated to increase efficiency by 25% while decreasing maintenance by 23-35%. The new technology is also expected to extend the life of the well’s production.

The Rozella Kifer Well is positioned on 193 acres of land in Gonzales County, Texas. Savoy Energy’s lease has no expiration date as long as the company conducts operations without termination for more than 120 days. It has been estimated that oil reserves for the well are 19,730 Mbbl while the gas reserves are estimated at 3,090 MMcf.

“We are continuously keeping our eye on the bottom line. With today’s technology, we can decrease costs associated with pulling oil out of the ground while increasing profits and in turn, shareholder value,” stated Art Bertagnolli, CEO of Savoy Energy Corp.

Savoy Energy Corporation also reminded investors that its representatives and its joint venture, Savoy-Masi Petroleum Corporation Limited, recently met with The Republic of Fiji Islands Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources’ Netani Sukanaivalu. Topics discussed included stimulating Fiji’s economy through Oil exploration licenses, recompletion, and work-over activities of previously drilled wells.

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